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Shark Robot Vacuum Review

Shark robot vacuums are most effective when controlled and paired through the SharkClean App. It allows you to schedule the robot to clean a time frame or set no-go zones.

The setup is quick and simple. Set up the docking stations in a central area, near the router, after removing the protective film and styrofoam.


The Shark IQ Robot vacuum R101AE is a top robot vacuum that boasts the latest technology and user-friendly functions. It is sleek and compact in appearance, which makes it easy to store. It also comes with a large dust bin that is easy to empty and empty. This feature is particularly useful for households with lots of pet hair, as it stops the robot from becoming clogged with hair. The base of the vacuum also contains a sealed HEPA filter, which further ensures that it picks up all particles that are left behind.

The robot's navigational system is another highlight. It makes use of sensors to map and avoid obstacles in the area it is cleaning. The sensor system isn't as technologically advanced as the LIDAR sensor on the more expensive models, but it does an admirable job of navigating across flooring and rugs, as well as other transitions. The robot is also able to climb over electrical cords and rug tassels. It isn't having any trouble getting under furniture.

This robot vacuum can do both vacuuming as well as mopping. It is therefore a great option for homes with mixed flooring. The app allows users create virtual boundaries to guide the device to clean certain rooms. Additionally the IQ can be scheduled to run at specific times throughout the day. It can also be used to wash the premises while the owners are away.

Unlike many competing robotic vacuums, the Shark IQ is bagless. This means that it is less frequent cleaning. The reusable, self-emptying pads are also very durable. They are infused with enzymes that remove dirt and other debris. The device comes with an water tank that helps keep floors dry.

The Shark IQ has several other standout features that make it a great choice for home use. For instance, it could be connected to Amazon Alexa to start a cleaning routine or check its battery level. It also has a smart home integration that allows it to sync with other devices in the house.

The IQ isn't any different. One of these is that it may be difficult to understand the operating instructions, especially in the event that you're unfamiliar with the SharkClean application. This app offers a range of features, including adjusting the cleaning modes as well as scheduling cleaning sessions and examining its history. It also comes with a useful feature that lets you know when it's time to change the filters and other parts.


The Shark AI robotic mop vacuum robot features a bagless auto-empty base and is available in 2-in-1, Ultra, and standard versions. It also has a LiDAR-based navigation sensor as well as an application for map and device management. The vacuum can be scheduled to run when you are away. This is an ideal option for families with pets and Automatic vacuum robot hectic schedules. The robot makes use of side brushes, channel brushes and a multi-surface brushroll to clean all surfaces and corners. It also comes with a rubber bumper that shields walls and furniture. A cliff and boundary sensors are built in for security.

The first time you use this vacuum, it might take a bit longer set up than a traditional vacuum. But once you have everything set up it will function by itself, running through cleaning cycles and even creating a map report in the process. It's easy to track its location and status using the SharkClean app or Alexa voice commands, however it requires a little more setup than a regular automatic vacuum robot (in the know).

This vacuum has an excellent rating on Amazon and a lot of customers are impressed by how easy it is to use. It is compatible with Alexa and lets users start it by simply saying "Alexa and then activate cleaning." The Shark Detect Pro uses a series of wheels that resemble mini-mountain bike tires. The wheels allow it to move itself over larger flooring, thresholds, and automatic Vacuum robot transitions in the floor. Shark's NeverStuck Technology can also be used to stop it from getting stuck.

Its performance on floors with no carpet is impressive with the capability to pick up fine debris like rice without issue. However it does a terrible job on carpets with low piles and may struggle to remove large pieces of debris such as sand off this type of floor.

It is more expensive than Roomba 960, but it provides better cleaning capabilities and comes with a larger dust bin. Its smart features make it a good option for homes with lots of pet hair and its 'Reactive AI feature ensures that the vacuum is able to move quickly around obstacles. It's also easier to set up than Shark AI, and its battery lasts longer.

The Performance of a

A Shark best robot vacuum vacuum comes with various automated features, including smart mapping and navigation. These are a necessity for home buyers who wish to reduce the time spent doing chores. It is not without faults, particularly when compared with other brands that are in the same price range. The Roborock S7 MaxV, for instance, features dual-sensor navigation that helps it map its coverage area and detect low-level obstacles. It also features a more advanced mopping system that is more effective in getting rid of staining that is difficult to remove. It also comes with a dock which empties the dustbin, refills the water tank, and cleans the mopping pads. This allows you to enjoy an entirely hands-free ownership experience.

The Shark ION Robot vacuum does not offer a lot of physical automation options. The two physical controls -- Clean and Dock -are a good starting point, however you'll need to use the Shark App to activate other controls. This screen can be used to schedule cleans, set up no-go zones, or view your cleaning history.

The app gives users access to three settings for the vacuum that include its energy-saving Eco mode, its default Normal mode and its powerful Max mode. The vacuum's runtime varies depending on the power setting you choose and you can also track the battery's life within the app. The app offers a list of maintenance tasks including changing the filter and premotor brush.

The robot also works with Amazon Alexa. You can control the Shark Ion robot with voice commands which lets you save your hand for other tasks. You can also ask Alexa to inform you of the robot's location as well as its battery status.

In the process of setting up, you'll need to download the Shark app and create an Shark account to connect to Wifi. This page allows you to identify your robot as well as schedule cleanings and remotely activate it remotely. You can also look at its cleaning history and any errors that are notified.

Once you've completed the set-up procedure, your Shark will begin to build an outline of your home. During this period you must take off any cords or shoes in which your robot could get stuck. Also, you'll need to establish a no-go zone in any areas you'd like to keep it out of.


Robot vacuums are a convenient way to clean your home without having to lift a finger. They also come with self-emptying bins. They are not like conventional vacuums that can be difficult to operate or create massive and messy particles. They also take away the headache of keeping a dirt container. They also require less maintenance, and can navigate obstacles like electrical cords with ease. However, the price of these machines is expensive, so it is essential to do your research prior to buying one.

The robot is easy-to-setup right out of the box. You only need to snap in its two side brushes and plug it in. The battery takes four hours to charge, however two lights signal the state of the battery: one light blinks white to indicate charging, and the second light switches off to indicate a full charge.

It's a great option for bare floors, but it may struggle with pet hair and food waste. The dust container fills up quickly and the robotic vacuum has difficulty removing the debris. This makes it a poor option for homes with large families or homes with pets.

Shark's NeverStuck technology ensures that the vacuum will not become stuck and its rubber treads allow it to maneuver over obstacles easily. The wheels resemble miniature versions of mountain bike tires and help the robot to lift itself up over higher rugs or floor transitions. Its companion app allows you to define virtual boundary lines that the robot will avoid, reducing the chance of it running into items you don't want it to contact.

If you do not connect the Shark AI to your home Wi-Fi or via an app, you can still make use of it by pressing the "Clean" button. However, you'll miss the maps and other features that are only accessible through the app. Moreover, removing the unit while cleaning or between maps can result in it losing its map and the no-go zones. Similarly, the Roborock Q5 is better built and more efficient in handling hair from pets, and is easier to maintain than the Shark AI Robot.